Our Craft, Your Story

Are you looking for a way to make custom designed and branded products that showcase your farm, your resort, your hotel, or your organization? We’ll work with you to make something uniquely special.

Whether crafting a collection of blankets and throws from your own flock’s fleeces, or developing a signature design with custom colorwork, our design team can work with you to create a special product that reflects your aesthetic and values.

We source fine, responsibly-raised fibers from small farmers across the country and the world. Whether you keep a flock of five or five hundred, we can work with you to produce lovely yarns from your own herd’s fleece. We have strong partnerships with historic American spinneries, and work with them directly to spin your fibers into soft, unique yarns, perfect for knitting or for weaving. We carefully dye each skein of yarn by hand in small batches, resulting in richly saturated, uniquely variegated colors. Our dye expertise encompasses traditional natural dyes such as indigo, madder root, and cochineal, as well as and low-impact acid dyes. Our Maine farmhouse studio is home to a small, skilled crew of artisan weavers, who craft our award-winning textiles on vintage looms. Each product carries the Swans Island weaver’s mark − our signature of authenticity.

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