Cleaning + Repairs

We are always happy to help extend the life and well-being of your beloved handwoven. That’s why we operate our own blanket hospital for the cleaning and repair of all of our handwoven goods.


Does your blanket need a professional cleaning and refresh?

Our cleaning service includes a gentle hand wash, blocking on our antique lace frames, one hour’s worth of de-pilling, and a light pressing.  We will do everything we can to restore your blanket. Because of our gentle washing process, it is not always possible to remove deep stains.  A basic cleaning begins at $37.50 for baby blankets, wraps and scarves, $75 per throw, $112.50 per summer weight blanket, and $150 per winter weight blanket.


Does your blanket have holes, damage or other general wear and tear?

Our repair service can bring your beloved blanket back to life.   All items submitted for repair must be cleaned before they are worked on. Upon cleaning and review, we will email you with a quote for any repairs before moving forward. Repairs begin at an additional $75 per hour.

Please Note:  For the safety of our employees, we cannot accept blankets that have been stored with moth balls. The chemicals used in mothballs are toxic to humans and pets.


Items to be cleaned and repaired may be sent directly to our Northport studios. Be sure to include your name, email address, phone number and your shipping address as well as a brief note about the kind of work you’d like done.

Please ship items for cleaning and repairs to:

Swans Island Company c/o Cleaning and Repairs
231 Atlantic Highway (Route 1)
Northport, ME 04849

Please do not send payment through the mail – once we receive and review your handwoven, we will contact you to confirm receipt and give you a quote. Swans Island Company will ship your cleaned/repaired handwoven back to you free of charge.

For any additional questions regarding cleaning and repairs, feel free to call our studios at 1.888.526.9526.