The Island Institute

Rockland, Maine

The Island Institute is a Maine non-profit focused on maintaining the heritage and economic viability of Maine’s island populations. To celebrate Swans Island’s 25th Anniversary we created the exclusive Island Collection in collaboration with Long Cove Farm and the Island Institute.

In honor of our island heritage on Swans Island, Swans Island Company donated 10% of proceeds from each Island Collection throw to the Island Institute for their work supporting Maine’s island and coastal communities.

Long Cove Farm

Vinalhaven, Maine

At Long Cove Farm, on Vinalhaven Island’s rocky, windswept shores, Wanatha Garner keeps a flock of Merino sheep. She’s been raising sheep on this Maine island since 2005. Wanatha comes from a family of makers, and shares our passion for handmade living. We took Wanatha’s fleece from farm through processing, spinning, dyeing, product design, hand-weaving and packaging. Long Cove Farm wool is featured in our exclusive 25th anniversary Island Collection, a collaborative project we developed with the Island Institute.