Pinstripe Linen Throw

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Product Description

The Pinstripe Linen Throw is a classic yet modern throw blanket woven from a soft blend of American cotton and linen.  This throw has a modern, sophisticated appeal, with a tiny windowpane check border leading into an elegant pinstripe above.  The classic color palette works with any decor, while the soft linen yarn adds an element of texture to this timeless throw.  Easy to care for, this machine washable cotton/linen blend  is soft and allergen-free for everyday use.

The Pinstripe Linen Throw is woven on antique looms at one of Maine’s historic textile mills. After many years of carrying on Maine’s proud textile traditions, the owners of the mill are retiring. Swans Island is pleased to take up the mantle of stewardship by offering a range of their lovely, timeless blankets and throws.

Content: 64% Linen / 27% Cotton / 5% Polyester / 4% Acrylic
Origins: Woven in Maine, USA
Dimensions: 50″ x 60″
Care: Machine wash cool, tumble dry low.
Packaging: The Pinstripe Throw comes in our Swans Island Canvas Tote bag.

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