Ikat Firefly • worsted

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Product Description

Our unique Firefly yarns, dyed on our favorite organic Merino wool, are equal parts whimsical and elegant. Each skein is meticulously hand-tied before saturating in a vat of rich dye. When the ties are removed they reveal striking white resists against a single saturated tone, reminding us of fireflies sparkling against a night sky.

We also offer a selection of terrific knitting patterns. Any of our Natural Colors or Sterling worsted weight patterns will work with this worsted yarn.

Worsted Weight: 100 grams • 250 yards • Needle size: 8 US, 5mm • 4½ stitches per inch

Content: 100% GOTS-certified organic Merino wool, dyed by hand with low impact dyes.

Care: Hand wash cool, lay flat to dry.

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Here is the Anna Cowl pattern knit in Ikat Firefly worsted yarn,  Blue Spruce color.

Swans Island's Anna Cowl knitting pattern shown in Firefly worsted weight organic merino hand-dyed yarn, Blue Spruce color.