The iconic brand image of Swans Island Company, Clearing  is one of photographer Peter Ralston’s best loved images. This photograph is available here as a Limited Edition fine art print. Limited to just 50 prints plus 10 artist proofs, each one is printed on archival rag paper and signed and numbered by the artist.

In Peter’s own words, here is the story of Clearing:

In 1980, Betsy Wyeth bought Allen Island, off Port Clyde, and asked me to help her figure out what to do with it. One of the first priorities was clearing the northern end of the island, knowing that once cleared, the challenge would be keeping the land open. There was one answer to that need, one with great historical precedent, and that was sheep.

We struck a deal to purchase sixteen sheep from the long established flock on an island nine miles away, and made arrangements with two Port Clyde fishermen to help us get the sheep to Allen Island.

All went well until we got to the other island at which point the skipper resolutely declared, “There’s not a single one of those goddamn things getting on this boat today.” We had no choice but to borrow a dory into which we loaded the sheep.

Towing the laden dory behind SUSAN L, we set a course for Tenants Harbor where two sheep were dropped off on Southern Island. In the course of that particular operation, I decided to borrow Betsy’s Aquasport and photograph SUSAN L towing the dory.

On the run to Allen Island, we ran into a fog bank off Mosquito Head and all of a sudden the light went silvery…magical. I quickly made several photographs as we slid into the cat’s paw of fog, Clearing being my hands-down favorite.

No sheep were lost that day, lasting friendships were made, the meadows of Allen Island were on their way, and I made a couple of photographs that would engage people around the world.

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