Artisan Patchwork Throw #218


Artisan Patchwork Throw #218 is a one-of-a-kind knit throw. Generously sized and incredibly cozy! Like a painting at the hand of the artist, each patchwork throw evolves as it is being made. Knit for us by a small family-run USA mill, this unique throw was created by a master knit designer who adjusts the yarns as each throw progresses through the machine. Complex combinations of solid, multi-colored, and textured yarns produce an absolutely unique result each time. This rich mélange of upcycled and blended yarn comes together into an incredibly eye-catching work of art! A throw with generous proportions—perfect for napping or curling up with your favorite book.

If you like this one, please don’t wait! These usually sell out very quickly.
You will not see this throw anywhere else. This is the one and only knit in this unique design.

Artisan Patchwork Throw #218 makes a statement with bold scarlet red and soft sky blue set against a neutral backdrop of marled shades grey and ivory.

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