Artisan Ladders Throw #18


Artisan Ladders Throw #18 is a one-of-a-kind knit throw. Inspired by a vintage Amish “Ladders” quilt pattern, bands of colorful stripes flow from one end to the other.  Knit for us by a small family-run domestic mill, this unique throw was created by a master knit designer. Like a painting at the hand of the artist, each throw evolves as it is being made, with the designer adjusting the yarns as it progresses through the loom. Complex combinations of solid, multi-colored, and textured yarns produce a vibrant textile tapestry with an absolutely unique result each time. This rich mélange of up-cycled and blended yarn comes together into an eye-catching work of art! Generously sized and incredibly cozy these soft throws make the perfect nap-time companion.

If you like this one, please don’t wait! These usually sell out very quickly.
You will not see this throw anywhere else. This is the one and only knit in this unique design.

Artisan Ladders Throw #18 is a blanket with two tales to tell. Folded neatly and draped over a chair or bed it shows it’s softer side – powder blue and pale rose pink with a subtle taupe backdrop, but unfold it to reveal it’s true colors! Bright chartreuse, raspberry and cerulean!

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