Yearly Archives: 2015

Spotlight: Michele Rose Orne

Today on the blog we’re excited to feature the first part of an interview with Michele Rose Orne, Partner and Creative Director at Swans Island. Michele has been designing hand knits for over 25 years. She brings a rich combination of passion and experience to Swans Island’s line of all-natural, hand-dyed yarns and timeless patterns that are […]

All American Collection Sport Weight

Last year we launched our very popular All American Collection Worsted Weight, a blend of domestic wool and alpaca that’s soft and wonderful to work with. This year we’re excited to announce we’re adding to the All American Collection with the new Sport Weight, a 100% American Rambouillet wool yarn that’s lofty and perfect for colorwork. […]

Designer Spotlight: Melynda Bernardi

We’re working on the final touches for the Swans Island Fall 2015 pattern collection. Today we’re excited to feature an interview with talented designer Melynda Bernardi, who has designed two pieces for the new collection in a new sport weight version of our All American Collection Worsted Weight yarn. Growing up, Melynda never found a […]

Swans Island Legacy Winner

Today’s Legacy Story comes from Swans Island Legacy Contest Winner, Carey from Nashville, TN. This Peter Rabbit quilt was made by my mother in 1982 when she was pregnant with me.  I can only imagine the patches were sewn while she was daydreaming about days, months, and years to come with her first child.  I have […]

Swans Island Legacy: Bill’s Blanket

Today’s post comes from the President of Swans Island, Bill Laurita. I own a lot of Swans Island Blankets. After all, I am the head of the company and truly love sleeping under a Swans Island Blanket. It sound’s crazy, but I actually enjoy making the bed in the morning and watching my blanket float […]

Swans Island Legacy Contest: Robin’s Sweaters

Today’s touching story of how items can carry on the legacy of our loved ones comes from Robin: I grew up in my mother’s yarn shop. All of my memories of my mother are tied to her knitting or crocheting something for someone. She had a “signature” baby sweater she made for anyone who was […]

Washable Wool Collection

Most people have used, or at least heard of, Superwash yarns. Superwash is a process by which the scales of the wool fiber are burned off with chorine and then the fibers are coated in a plastic polymer. When the friction of washing is applied, the fibers slide over each other and don’t felt, the […]

Celebrating Family Legacies: Shelby

Today we continue our series introducing you to our weavers. At Swans Island we hand craft each piece to become an exquisite piece to be passed on from one generation to the next. Each family has their own treasured heirloom items. We paint these items with our memories and meaning, cherish each piece as a part of our […]

Celebrating Family Legacies: Alessandra

At Swans Island we believe in creating items thoughtfully and responsibly. We craft items that are meant to last and be passed on from one generation to another. Today we’d like to introduce you to one of our weavers in this artisan spotlight. Alessandra hand weaves blankets and wraps here at Swans Island. What inspired […]

Where It Comes From: The All American Collection

Last year we launched our very popular All American Collection yarn, a wonderful blend of alpaca from east cost farms and Rambouillet wool from domestic farms. The fiber is then processed at a historic mill here in New England. Today we’re excited to share some photos of the fiber mill where our yarn is spun […]

One Of A Kind

Centuries of selective breeding have yielded hundreds of varieties of wool with highly specialized characteristics. There are different wools from different breeds of sheep for carpets and for sweaters, for the top of a sock and for the heel, for winter blankets and for summer. Wool breathes and absorbs moisture without feeling damp, so when […]

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