Monthly Archives: September 2011

Peter Ralston

Photographer Peter Ralston and his wife Terri have long been great friends of Swans Island.  Peter’s heralded studies of the Maine coast convey the same aesthetic that informs our work and is the subject of a documentary called “Peter’s Eye,” which will be featured among a program of short films at this year’s Camden International Film Festival.  Be sure to check […]

The Common Ground Fair

This past weekend, MOFGA hosted the Common Ground Country Fair, its annual celebration of rural living which showcases the best of the state’s organic harvests, livestock, and local food.  Crowds travel from all over for the three-day festival, where there is something for everyone.  There is a marketplace, a spotlight stage and a sustainable living tent.  There are […]

The Finishing Room

The finishing room is the most hidden of the Swans Island work spaces, but it’s just as busy as our dye house, administrative offices, weaver’s studio and showroom.  It’s tucked away above our weaver’s studio, up a flight of stairs where sounds alternate between the silent concentration of chaff-picking and the hum of sewing machines. […]

Lemongrass: A Color in the Making

Our lead dyer Jackie Graf has been in her dye lab experimenting on a recipe for our newest color concoction: lemongrass.  At Swans Island, we use all plant or insect based dye-stuff to get the natural colors we love. Here’s a sneak peak of the process and the color, which will weave its way into our Swans […]

The Mark of a Swans Island Blanket

If you’ve ever seen a Swans Island blanket, you’ll notice a very distinct logo woven into the corner.  It’s our Swans Island weaver’s mark, and it can be found on most Swans Island blankets, as well as all of our throws, scarves and pillows.  What makes the weaver’s mark so special is that no industrial loom can perform this task […]

Fall in Midcoast Maine

It’s hard to believe that Fall is right around the corner. We’ll miss the long warm days, walking barefoot on wet grass, berry picking, and the crystalline smell of the ocean being carried in by the summer breeze.  But we have plenty of things to get excited about in the coming months.  Here are a […]

A Sunday Photo Shoot

Susan Williams, our creative director, spent a recent Sunday with our friend Cig Harvey during her photo shoot for our next big project — a collection of home, wedding and baby knit patterns due out in the Spring. Cig, who is the talented photographer behind many of Maine Magazine‘s covers, boasts a collection of work that is stunning, dreamy and […]