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Swans Island Legacy Winner

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Today’s Legacy Story comes from Swans Island Legacy Contest Winner, Carey from Nashville, TN.

This Peter Rabbit quilt was made by my mother in 1982 when she was pregnant with me.  I can only imagine the patches were sewn while she was daydreaming about days, months, and years to come with her first child.  I have loved this quilt my entire life and it has accompanied me through many adventures!  Growing up in Nashville, TN, my college years in Charlottesville, VA, young adult years in New York City, and finally back to Nashville where I am raising a family of my own.  It lived through over 11,000 days and had become tattered and worn, many of the patches shred.

When my mother asked me what I wanted as a gift during my pregnancy with my daughter, I told her that all I wanted was for her to repair my Peter Rabbit quilt so it could be passed on to Campbell.  She did a beautiful job reworking the quilt and I know those days at her sewing machine were filled again with daydreams of her first granddaughter.  Campbell and I have already spent many precious days wrapped together in this special quilt and I only hope it will accompany her on adventures of her own!

I am sure you also notice her beautiful Swans Island blanket!  This has become a tradition in my family after my parents stumbled upon the company while visiting Maine several years ago, before they had any grandchildren.  During the tour, my father decided he would purchase a blanket to bring home- a baby blanket he would give to the first grandchild born.  Unbeknownst to him, I was pregnant at the time with my son!  Oliver received the white and yellow baby blanket purchased on that first trip.  Since then, my parents have visited again and now my nephew and baby girl have also been lucky enough to receive their own Swans Island blankets!

Campbell, in her Swans Island blanket on an heirloom Peter Rabbit blanket

Craft Media Features New Swans Island Website


We were thrilled to stumble upon Craft Media’s mention of Swans Island and our new website.  Craft is a New York-based advertising agency led by the talented Leah Hurley, a Maine native who has built a reputation on thoughtful, intelligent and socially conscious campaigns.  To learn more about Craft, and to read the post about Swans Island on the Craft blog, visit

Thank you Leah and Craft Media.
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The Mark of a Swans Island Blanket


If you’ve ever seen a Swans Island blanket, you’ll notice a very distinct logo woven into the corner.  It’s our Swans Island weaver’s mark, and it can be found on most Swans Island blankets, as well as all of our throwsscarves and pillows.  What makes the weaver’s mark so special is that no industrial loom can perform this task — it can only be done with a hand loom.  The original owners of Swans Island, John and Carolyn Grace, conceptualized our weaver’s mark, visualizing the logo to stand for “A”, “B”, and “C” (Atlantic Blanket Company).  It’s our very own seal of authenticity, and it adds a nice touch to our unique and beautiful products.

Swans Island Company, Handcrafted in Maine USA Since 1992

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