Swans Island Company is committed to producing exceptional American-made textiles that uphold generations of Maine craft traditions. From dye house to finishing room, we make textiles the way they should be made: with unmatched attention to detail, honest provenance, and timeless design.


A Swans Island product means natural fiber, sourced to the highest possible standard, designed to be as timeless as the tides.

Much of our fiber is from local New England farms as well as domestic, family-run farms that have been caring for their flocks for generations. Our organic merino, sourced from South America, has been certified organic by the Global Organic Textile Standard, the world’s leading processing standard for textiles made from organic fibers.

Fleece from those farms is custom spun for us by New England mills on trusty vintage machinery. From there, every skein of Swans Island yarn – whether destined for our looms, our machine-knit accessories, or your knitting needles – is dyed by hand in our Northport dye house. This allows us to create uniquely saturated colorways that can’t be achieved in large-scale dye lots.

Many of our yarns are dyed using naturally derived pigments like cochineal, indigo, and madder root. Others are skein-dyed with low-impact dyes to achieve our singular depth of color while also reducing our water and energy usage and offering particular qualities to the discerning knitter, like machine washability. We make each dye bath with unique recipes, expertly working the fibers in order to achieve our distinctive hand-dyed look and feel.

Since 1992, we have handcrafted blankets from Maine-spun fleeces and hand-dyed yarns. Woven by hand on vintage industrial looms in our Northport farmhouse by a small & talented team of makers, these blankets remain the cornerstone of our craft.

As our offerings have expanded to include throws, wraps, and accessories, we are proud to support small makers, farmers, and mills in Maine and across the United States in all of our product lines. Many of our products are woven on traditional looms here in Northport; others are produced in partnership with American makers who share our belief in the value of a life built by hand.

Swans Island Company, Handcrafted in Maine USA Since 1992

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