• “Their Shamrock Green Throw was presented by Michelle Obama to the Irish Delegation on St. Patrick's Day 2009.”
    Damn Rabbit Studios
  • “Their studio continues to produce the same blankets that won them a prestigious Smithsonian Blue Ribbon for Craft”
    Buy The Cow
  • “But no need to fret, because we teamed up with Myles Henry Tipley, the chambray-clad guru of interior and industrial design...”
  • “I think they’re beautiful, but I also love the whole process behind them, he said, choosing a brown wool piece with off-white stripes.”
    The NY Times ‘Home & Garden’
  • “Swans Island Rare Wool blankets are made from naturally occurring brown and black sheep.”
  • “Hand warmers are one of my favorite things to knit. They don't involve the fuss of fingers, they're one size fits all, and they're a great opportunity to express your style.”
    The Purl Bee
  • “But the colors and the thought of myself all comfy warm under one of these blankets is a nice daydream.”
    Anali’s First Amendment
  • “You can really get a sense of how their love for craft, and their personal design aesthetic translates from their home to their blankets.”
    Red Pill
  • “A certain mythology exists around Swans Island Blankets. They are lovingly handwoven mostly from the fleeces of Maine-raised Corriedale sheep.”
    Knitters Review Forum
  • “A cozy, warm throw blanket made from wool is just what you need to have on your living room couch or chair.”
    Blankets on Luxury Housing Trends
  • “Swan Island Organic Merino at Halcyon Yarns”
    Knitted Yarns
  • “I especially love their Rare Wool blankets, made from black and brown sheep, whose fleeces tend to go gray after a few short years.”
    Modern Craft
  • “Swans Island uses wool from local Corriedale sheep to create textiles by hand using time-honored methods and organic dyes.”
  • “If you could actually knit with butter, this is what it would feel like…Every couple of rows I have to stop and snuggle with it.”
    Halcyon Yarn
  • “Truthfully, once you see the quality and care that goes into each and every piece you realize it’s well worth every penny.”
    Katy Elliott
  • “Swans Island Blankets are gorgeous wool blankets, woven by hand using time-honored traditions.”
    Martha Blog
  • “If you ever have been fortunate enough to wrap yourself in a blanket, scarf or wrap from Swans Island you know the true definition of simple luxury!”
    Winding Yarn
  • “Swans Island founders John and Carolyn Grace, lawyers both, abandoned their practices in Boston to live out their dream of land stewardship and craft in Maine.”
    Fancy and Folly
  • “These guys are part of a company and also a community that is all about creating beautiful things in authentic and earth-friendly ways.”
    Apartment Therapy
  • “I'm busy lusting after these Swans Island blankets... newly discovered at Hollace Cluny.”
    Ill Seen Ill Said
  • “Swans Island blankets are hand-dyed and hand-woven by a small group of craftspeople up near where the rare sheep roam in Maine.”
    Apartment Therapy
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Swans Island Company, Handcrafted in Maine USA Since 1992

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