I recently had the privledge of visiting two of New England’s wool spinneries, S & D spinning mill in Milbury, Massachusetts and Jagger Brothers spinnery in Springvale, Maine.  I just love New England’s textlle history, from cordage plants to dyehouses, spinneries and weaving mills.  Sadly, few of these mills still exist today, but a few treasures still spin on, and S & D is one of them.  They occupy an amazing old brick building that is America’s oldest continuously running mill.  Talk about patina!  S & D is a woolen spinning mill, which has to do with the style of yarn they are able to produce.  They  take raw materials and process them into yarns.  Below is a mountain of wool that has been sprayed with an oil mixture to condition it and control the static.  It will rest like this for a day or so before heading to the picker.

At S&D Spinning Mill, a wool processing mill

The picker is a big messy machine that fulffs up and picks apart the wool so it is nice and loose.  If the yarn is going to have more than one fiber type, they throw it all into the picker and the blending begins.
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