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Archive: November, 2012

The Simplicity of Thanks


As the pace of late November quickens we are bombarded by the scourge of American consumerism. Giant stores open earlier and earlier in the wee hours of the morning to offer us the opportunity to get our holiday shopping done at amazingly low prices. Electronics, plastic toys and games from other countries will line the shelves, supporting not necessarily the people who make the product but the huge corporations that market the Holiday Experience.
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Win a Swans Island hand-loomed blanket

Swans Island Holiday Giveaway

With our Holiday Heirloom Giveaway, we’re sharing the warmth of this season and extending it throughout the year. All you have to do is buy any Swans Island woolen product*, from organic merino throws to natural-dye yarns, between November 15 and December 15 for your chance to win one of our hand-loomed summer-weight blankets. Like all Swans Island woven goods, these artisan-crafted keepsakes are made right here in our Northport, Maine, studio. Thanks for entering and good luck!
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Excess Warp….the Mother of Invention

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Our biggest loom is warped specifically for weaving our Winter blankets, a laborious double weave pattern which results in a thick, lofty warm blanket.  Once a year, it is warped with Indigo yarn to weave our coveted Winter solid Indigo blankets, which happens to be right now. This time however, when the Winter Indigo weft ran out, the loom still had enough warp for several more blankets. Our creative team of weavers began rifling through the knitting yarns and found two lots of blue merino that looked fabulous together, and voila! A new winter blanket is born.

Swans Island Checked Winer Blankets
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