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Archive: April, 2011

Wonderful Friends and Neighbors

Yesterday was a kind of friends and neighbors type of day.  With a little help from our friends we had an early spring photo shoot where, like most things at Swans Island, everyone chipped in to help style hair, arrange birch branches, brew coffee and tell Olli, our dog, that he is the center of the universe. Things happen for a reason, and this time Swans Island was the beneficiary of exceptionally talented people who happen to admire our craft and believe  in our company.  My deep thanks goes to Jonathan Levitt whose photographs express the richness and authenticity of living in Mid – Coast Maine; to Elliot Lowe, a true blue Mainer, whose company Lowe Hardware manufactures the finest marine and residential hardware available; and to Meghan and Anna Flynn – their beauty bring fullness and life to Michele’s exquisite patterns.

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