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Archive: March, 2011

The Cousins Hat

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On a calm afternoon before another snowstorm barrels in, Laite Beach over looking Camden Harbor was the perfect place to play after school. Today five cousins mucked in the mud, threw pebbles and ran around as kids do.  Our yarns are special, so The Cousins Hat was cleverly designed to get 3 hats out of 2 skeins. This wonderful knit hat pattern will be available online and in selected stores soon. In the meantime go outside and enjoy the fresh air.

Introducing Michele Orne

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“I am excited to be developing a line of all-natural hand dyed yarns and timeless patterns for Swans Island. My designs are inspired by classic favorites and daily life along the coast of Maine. Our collection is designed to be filled with great styles – nothing too fancy, trendy or outrageous.  We’ve gathered many of our personal and friends’ favorite sweaters — meticulously measuring and redesigning them to add to our classic collection.

Of course, the nice thing about a basic pattern is that you can always use it as a starting point and add a little something more to it to make it your own unique creation.  (In the future I hope to give you some suggestions and encouragement on how to do just that.)  We are striving to make patterns that are clearly written and easy to understand. Elegant shaping details, simple stitches and great silhouettes that all add up to great fit and ultimate wearability – that is the goal of the Swans Island design team.” — Michele Michele Orne is a newer addition to the Swans Island family — joining us as a partner and knit Design Director for Swans Island. Michele has been designing hand knits for over 25 years.  Graduating from Yale in 1985, she spent many years in New York city designing knitwear for the garment industry.  She also worked as a freelance designer, producing many patterns for major magazines, knitting books and national hand knitting yarn companies.

Michele moved to Maine in 1990 where she continued her design career until the birth of her fourth child in 2002.  After a few years off focusing on being a mom, she published Inspired to Knit in 2008 and has been reentering the world of hand knitting design.  She lives in Camden, Maine with her husband Matt, four children, and various other domestic creatures.

Announcing Swans Island Patterns

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After a busy winter filled with brainstorming, swatching, and sampling we are excited to unveil the initial offering of patterns for Swans Island yarns.  Much like our blankets, the design philosophy behind our pattern collection is simple: yep – that’s it. Keep it simple!

Classic timeless designs with a modern aesthetic, these are garments that you will want to wear again and again. Simple knitting with elegant finishing is the hallmark of this collection.  Nothing fussy or on the cutting edge of fashion here.  We’ve combed our closets, our friends wardrobes, the internet, and more to pick out our favorite knits, and reinvented them for you, in our beautiful all-naturally dyed and super soft merino yarns.

Comfortably stylish, effortlessly chic – we hope these will be the garments and accessories that you’ll want to wear all weekend, every weekend (and during the week too, of course!)

Destined to become your favorites….. our designs are meant to be fun and easy to knit, and a pleasure to wear. We’ve worked hard to bring you well-written and simple patterns that are easy to understand and easy to knit. Check back often as we will be continually adding new favorites to the store. We can’t wait for you to start knitting. Please comment and let us know your favorite!

Dye-House Progress

With sheet rock, paint, lights, air ducks and more, construction continues on the dye house.

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